Isaac Jasper Boro College of Education
Sagbama, Bayelsa


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Special Interventions

Special Intervention is usually allocated on equality of geopolitical zone as enshrined in the establishment Act and guided by such emergencies and exigencies as approved by the Board of Trustees (BoT) for the following Intervention Lines:

  • Zonal Intervention
  • Emergency Disaster Recovery
  • Designated Projects (e.g., Take-off grants) 
  • Advocacy/Publicity 
  • National Research Fund (NRF) 
  • Higher Education Book Development (HEBD) Fund 
  • TETFund Centres of Excellence (TCoEs)
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Annual Interventions

TETFund statutorily allocates funds yearly to Beneficiary Institutions as Annual Intervention for the following categories of interventions:

  • Physical Infrastructure Development
  • Content Development (Instructional Materials and Equipment)
  • Research and Innovation
  • Human Development (Academic Staff Training and
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TETFund Intervention
2023 Edition

This third edition of Guidelines for Accessing TETFund Intervention Funds re-titled TETFund Intervention Guidelines is intended to be a comprehensive document to guide our beneficiaries in accessing intervention funds, in the appropriate application of disbursements received, as well as in the implementation of projects in a timely and efficient manner, in line with the mandate of the Fund.