Isaac Jasper Boro College of Education
Sagbama, Bayelsa

Welcome to the School of Early Childhood Care

On behalf of our school, staff, and students, I am thrilled to welcome you to the School of Early Childhood Care. Our school is a lively community where intellectual curiosity and academic excellence come together to create a rewarding educational experience. We encourage you to explore the various departments that comprise our school. Whether you are a prospective student ready to begin your academic journey, a researcher looking for collaboration, or a visitor learning about our programs, we are here to support and inspire you. Welcome to a place where knowledge and passion intersect, and where every new discovery opens doors to countless possibilities.

Warm regards,

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Dean, School of Early Childhood Care


Department of ​Primary Edu​cation

Our Primary Education program is designed to equip future educators with the skills and knowledge necessary to inspire and guide young learners. Through a combination of theoretical coursework and practical experiences, students learn effective teaching strategies, classroom management, and curriculum development tailored for primary school children.   Learn More
Ebieredo Peter Cocodia
HOD, Primary Education
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