Isaac Jasper Boro College of Education
Sagbama, Bayelsa

Welcome to the School of Vocational & Technical Education

On behalf of our School, staff, and students, ​I am thrilled to welcome you to the School of Vocational & Technical Education. Our school is dedicated to equipping students with practical skills, innovative thinking, and hands-on experience to excel in various vocational and technical fields. We invite you to explore the diverse and dynamic departments that make up our school. Whether you are a prospective student ready to start your academic journey, a researcher seeking collaborative opportunities, or a visitor exploring our programs, we are here to support and inspire you. At the School of Vocational & Technical Education, we believe in the power of practical knowledge and skill to drive innovation and societal advancement.Welcome to a place where skills meet opportunity, and where every new challenge is a step towards endless possibilities.

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Dean, School of Vocational & Technical Education


Department of ​​Agricultural Education 

Our department focuses on the principles and practices of agricultural science and education. Students gain in-depth knowledge of agricultural production, agribusiness, and sustainable farming techniques. Our programs combine classroom instruction with field experiences, preparing graduates to educate future farmers, manage agricultural enterprises, and promote sustainable agriculture practices. Learn More
Dr. Obele Igoni
HOD Agricultural Education
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